Day Two: mutuals, spin-outs, busy-ness!

Day two at POPse! and it’s been a busy one. Having arrived late with a minor hangover from the night before (thanks to those who came to the inaugural dinner: any conversation that ends with someone saying “This is Chatham House rules, isn’t it?” must be a good one.

Today, Mutuals Tuesday, has seen Andrew Laird from Mutual Ventures holding a roundtable with a hugely impressive bunch (representatives attending from Social Finance, NESTA, BatesWellsBraithwaite, SocialAdVentures, Baxi Partnership, OPM and more) to work out how you get to the ‘dream scenario’ for the spin-out world (and how you avoid the ‘nightmare scenario’). Fascinating, detailed, open and expert discussion.

We’ve also had the next 20 social enterprise truths (check out @popupthinktank on Twitter for these or search hashtags #socent, #truths or #popse)….causing much a stir amongst folks online.

And currently there’s a debate about ‘right-to-manage’ public assets like waterways and forestry. Charles Woodd from DCLG, Nigel from Hill Holt Wood and more in attendance, facilitated and cajoled by POPse!’s own Mark Walton.

Also keep up with the posts here on the blog on subjects from social impact bonds to community and localism.

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