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Whose bank is it anyway?

One of our themes at POPse! was social investment. Coincidentally at the start of the week, the Cabinet Office revealed some details of the developing Big Society Bank idea, publishing correspondence between the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude … Continue reading

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The previous government talked a lot about “investment” when they maybe really meant spending. Most of us probably do this too – we might talk about “investing” in our young people when we pay teacher’s salaries, for example. But there is … Continue reading

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A Right Bloody Shambles?

The social enterprise proposition is founded on an idea that can be captured in one word – sustainability. That long-term economic, social and environmental imperatives can be more effectively achieved if they are aligned in co-operation and mutually reinforcing (or … Continue reading

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Health reforms – beyond black and white

Really thoughtful, considered post from Craig DP. Click on Health, wealth and stealth to view. As you point out – if it was easy (and it was possible for one person or organisation or even sector) to get our arms … Continue reading

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Day 3 Poll: When will the Big Society Bank make its first investment?

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Day 3 – social investment

So today is social investment day at POPse! No roundtables planned but instead, a series of one-on-one interviews with some of the most informed and critical players in the discussions around the Big Society Bank. Earlier this week, the latest … Continue reading

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Social Impact Bonds: the small print

  The solution to the crisis in public sector finances is simple. If we could create a financial mechanism so investors’ funds are used up front, thereby transferring the risk to the independent sector, and then over the long term, … Continue reading

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It’s not about the Bank

Depending on your definition, social investment is either about getting finance into underserved markets, it’s about access to finance for social enterprise or, in practice, it’s currently dominated by a handful of government investment funds. But the debate around social … Continue reading

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Ends and means – or the unintended consequences of lobbying

A key principle behind the New Labour ‘project’, with roots going back to Antony Crosland’s seminal The Future of Socialismwas that ends mattered, not means. It’s about what works. The triumph of managerialism over ideology. Pragmatism over principle. In this … Continue reading

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