Social Investment

What is social investment anyway? Is it just a snazzy name for philanthropy? A heart-warming but ultimately loss-making investment approach? Or a radical alternative to our failing financial institutions?

POPse! will look at some of the big unanswered questions in this space. Such as when will the Big Society Bank actually be up and running? When!? Really? Will it really? Will it? Really?

And we could also look at some of the movers and shakers. Is the Social Investment Business much more effective than it gets credit for? Who would win in a fight between ClearlySo and Big Issue Invest? Why is the cdfa in lower case?

POPse! will explore some of these issues between the 9 and 13 May. Wednesday 11 is Social Investment day but work will develop throughout the week.

This theme is led by Dan Gregory and you can follow its progress / read all the posts in this area by clicking Social Investment

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