Big Society

Like religion, Big Society is a philosophy; like politics, it is all in the interpretation and like sex, it can and should perhaps be very personal. Big Society is certainly as controversial as religion, politics and sex and perhaps by exploring these three taboo areas we can actually define, through metaphor what Big Society should be for us all.

* Where did it all begin and what can we learn from the past?

* Why is it so important now?

* How can it change small communities – indeed, how can it create them in sometimes desolate and impersonal urban and rural landscapes?

* Who owns it and who is it really for?

* What’s in it for me, you and that strange guy standing on the corner there?

This theme will be explored by Robert Ashton and Henry Hemming. Both are writers, both enjoy controversy but only one declares the ambition of becoming a dissident. The other being more sensible! Follow it all week in the Big Society category

If you want to attend the morning round table discussion on Big Society please go to

If you want to attend the afternoon round table on charities and social enterprise please go to

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