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POPse! final report is now out!

The POPse! final report has now been published. This publication brings together a sample of material produced throughout the week. It will be sent to policymakers, influencers, practitioners and contributors who can move those specific debates and areas of practice … Continue reading

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So…. do we need a community right to manage?

On Tuesday 10th May 2011 a POPse! roundtable discussed whether a ‘right to manage’ would enable people to utilise local environmental assets such as woodlands and waterways to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits to for their communities. The idea … Continue reading

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Whose bank is it anyway?

One of our themes at POPse! was social investment. Coincidentally at the start of the week, the Cabinet Office revealed some details of the developing Big Society Bank idea, publishing correspondence between the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude … Continue reading

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Five Years on – Heaven or Hell for Public Service Mutuals?

There has been plenty of attention given to how we can encourage and support the emergence of public service mutuals – but as yet there hasn’t been much thought given to what the mutuals market might look like in five … Continue reading

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Think Thanks, Reflections and Feedback

So, it’s been quite a week at POPse! From helping clean and prepare the space, to a different theme happening each day, to the great roundtables and discussions, to the coffee-fuelled research and conversations, to the incessant twitter stream and … Continue reading

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A 21st Century Commons?

A long time ago, in a land not so very far away, local people were able to use open or common land (including that which was privately owned) to help them meet their basic needs. This included activities such as … Continue reading

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POPse! top recommendations…

The new DH National Commissioning Board should work with the Association of Charitable Foundations and Business in the Community to create effective support (financial and practical) for new and innovative services and delivery paths. The Waterways Project should work with … Continue reading

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Community: Verb and noun?

Within so many public sector programmes, speeches on the Big Society, charitable endeavours or social enterprise models you’ll find one ubiquitous term: community. It might be that communities are to be empowered or engaged; they are to be given the … Continue reading

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All in a name…

Collaboration is a wonderful thing. All week, POPse! has been collaborating: with our wonderful hosts, Meanwhile; with our daily stream of guests; with the epicures in Exmouth Market. We are a collaborative, we have no one leader. We exist therefore … Continue reading

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The new efficiency

While other collaborators at POPse! talked, drank, ran roundtables and sampled the delights of the street food market outside our door, David Boyle quietly sat in the corner and produced this interesting, thoughtful and reflective review of what efficiency means.  … Continue reading

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