Think Thanks, Reflections and Feedback

So, it’s been quite a week at POPse! From helping clean and prepare the space, to a different theme happening each day, to the great roundtables and discussions, to the coffee-fuelled research and conversations, to the incessant twitter stream and the contributions of all involved. We’re closing the doors today, but will be back soon with the formal policy reports; so keep an eye out for those. But for now, some thank yous….

A big thank you to partners + supporters: UnLtd, Meanwhile Space, Young Foundation, UnPackaged, Social Enterprise Live, and Imaginals.

A humbled thank you to the amazing Jamie Palmer for his artwork in the space (see examples at Jamie’s website).

A huge thank you to those who joined in to the POPse! collaborative to take on a theme, organise discussions, and produce credible, challenging and constructive output: Andrew Laird, Mark Walton, David Boyle, Henry Hemming.

A similarly large thanks to those who helped with organisation, energy, writing, mini-eggs, tweetchats, and more: Kirsten van der Hout and Dave Dawes. And the Learning Disability Coalition.

Plus a big shout out to those who helped make us think we weren’t completely nuts + supported us: Jonathan Jenkins, Ben Metz, Tim West, David Mills, Matt Black, Tim Pope, Dom Potter, Ceri Jones, the OCS team, Steve Moore, Martin Bright, Caroline Mason, Simon Tucker, Fergus Lyon, Jason Mollring, David Wilcox, the OnPurpose crew, and many more.

Much gratitude to all those who came to events and made contributions in person: from the local priest to the senior civil servant (and particularly the kid who cycled in, asked what we did, then said “What?! So you come up with ideas? For no money? What’s the point of that?!!” before cycling off….strong feedback); and to all those who similarly contributed online, and helped us reach a bigger audience on Twitter.

Please do continue to read, comment, add, contribute, and vote via the categories (Big SocietyEfficienciesHealth & WealthMutual spin-outsRight to ManageSmall CommunitiesSocial ImpactSocial Investment) and watch out for the forthcoming reports. If you have any feedback or comments, feel free to add them below.

And a final thanks to my fellow collaborator-organisers Dan, Esther and Sarah. A great, fun week filled with laughter; and a brilliant effort all round. Love you guys, let’s hug it out etc :0)

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