POPse! is the world’s first pop-up* social enterprise** think-tank***.

POPse! will be launched on Monday 9 May and disbanded on Friday 13 May. It will provide a burst of critical energy and robust analysis of social enterprise policy and practice through the publication of think pieces, pamphlets and other web-based material.

POPse! is drawing together some of the UK’s leading social enterprise thinkers and practitioners to spend a week together to share and develop ideas and thinking. POPse! will not provide all the answers but has at its core a belief that the time is ripe for challenge, scrutiny and analysis of social enterprise policy and practice.

POPse! aims to explode some of the treasured myths and policy bubbles in social enterprise thinking. It will offer constructive critique and opportunities to collaborate on new solutions.

* ‘Pop-ups’ make temporary use of vacant or idle assets until they can be brought back into economic use. These redundant resources can be exploited through interim creative and enterprising activity to deliver positive economic and social benefits. They can also bring life back to the surrounding community.

** ‘Social enterprises’ are businesses driven primarily by a social or environmental purpose, whose profits are principally reinvested back into services or the community.

*** ‘Think-tanks’ are organisations, often not-for-profit, that undertake research and analysis to incubate, test and propose new ideas which provoke debate and influence public policy.

2 Responses to About

  1. I am very interested in this Pop up social enterprise think tank & would love to get involved as I have been developing a social enterprise in Islington since Sep last year. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support this think tank. I am free on Mon 9th or Friday 13th.


    • popse says:

      Hi Marteka – apologies for delayed reply. Feel free to pop in during the week: click on the Get Involved section to find out more….

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