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POPse! top recommendations…

The new DH National Commissioning Board should work with the Association of Charitable Foundations and Business in the Community to create effective support (financial and practical) for new and innovative services and delivery paths. The Waterways Project should work with … Continue reading

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All in a name…

Collaboration is a wonderful thing. All week, POPse! has been collaborating: with our wonderful hosts, Meanwhile; with our daily stream of guests; with the epicures in Exmouth Market. We are a collaborative, we have no one leader. We exist therefore … Continue reading

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Think-Tanks Anonymous

Appropriately, for a day that will be looking at the concept of community, it was today in 1935 that Bob Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith formed the first ever meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Together with other members, Wilson and … Continue reading

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Civility and Community

A community (at its best) represents a group of people who may vehemently disagree about almost anything yet despite this are still prepared to give opposing viewpoints a fair hearing. To me, this tension is best represented in the rather … Continue reading

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POPse! Day Three

POPse! Day Three, a set on Flickr. A few photos from Day 3: Social Investment

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POPse! Day One

POPse! Day One, a set on Flickr. Some photos from Day One…

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