Get involved

As well as checking what’s on and dropping in to see us, you can also get involved with PopSE! throughout the week in a number of ways:

1) Come to this website and read about new ideas and where thinking is up to; then comment at the bottom of each post with your thoughts and suggestions

2) Follow us on Twitter all week, where we’ll be broadcasting from different work areas, new ideas, random fun things, and 140 x 140 social enterprise truths. You can find us @popupthinktank

3) Like us on Facebook and follow all the news, events and information during the week there

4) Book in via Eventbrite to one of the daily round-ups or to get a sense of what’s happening during the week. Random drop-ins also welcome…..

3 Responses to Get involved

  1. Hi we are a CIC specialising in health and social care social enterprise, and have worked at the cutting edge of policy in this field for many years. We have particularly strong views on health reform in general and we would love to be invited to the think tank on this theme – please can we come to the party?!

    Alison Holbourn, Hope Street Centre CIC

    • popse says:


      There’s a social care and social investment roundtable 2-3pm on Monday – please join us if you can. We’ll also be blogging and tweeting on health all day – so do keep checking back.

  2. popse says:

    All welcome Alison: check out the Get Involved page for how to feed in to the debates / join us in person. Monday is Health day!

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