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Five Years on – Heaven or Hell for Public Service Mutuals?

There has been plenty of attention given to how we can encourage and support the emergence of public service mutuals – but as yet there hasn’t been much thought given to what the mutuals market might look like in five … Continue reading

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The new efficiency

While other collaborators at POPse! talked, drank, ran roundtables and sampled the delights of the street food market outside our door, David Boyle quietly sat in the corner and produced this interesting, thoughtful and reflective review of what efficiency means.  … Continue reading

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Public service mutuals – a flash in the pan?

On the morning of “Mutuals Tuesday” Andrew Laird got together with a group of social enterprise experts to cast their thoughts five years into the future and think about the potential state of the public service mutuals market (both dream … Continue reading

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Ends and means – or the unintended consequences of lobbying

A key principle behind the New Labour ‘project’, with roots going back to Antony Crosland’s seminal The Future of Socialismwas that ends mattered, not means. It’s about what works. The triumph of managerialism over ideology. Pragmatism over principle. In this … Continue reading

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