Right to Manage

On Tuesday afternoon from 14.00 – 16.00 we’ll be holding a small roundtable event:

 Do We Need a Community Right To Manage?

 Over the past few months The Waterways Project has been examining the opportunities for social enterprise and community asset development arising from the proposal to transform British Waterways into a charity. From this work has arisen a proposal for a ‘community right to manage’.

 We believe a ‘right to manage’ would provide new opportunities for communities to gain access to a range of environmental and other public assets in order to deliver public benefit without the need to overcome the hurdles of ownership or competitive tendering.

 But in an increasingly crowded field of community rights (to bid, buy, build and challenge) and a burgeoning range of asset transfers to we need a ‘community right to manage’ – or is it just a lease by another name?

 If you would like to know more about this event or about the ‘community right to manage’ please contact mark@civa.org.uk

This theme is being led by Mark Walton.

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