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The 100 Social Enterprise Truths

Much discussed, much re-tweeted, and full of 24 carat, crystal-pure verity, here is the full list of the 100 Social Enterprise Truths. 1. Measuring social impact is about improving what you do, not just proving how well it works 2. … Continue reading

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Mulling over a ‘right to manage’

One of the things that most struck me about POPSe (aside from what a brilliant idea it is) is that the social enterprise space is where you currently find some of the most interesting conversations about democracy; its quality; our … Continue reading

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Public service mutuals – a flash in the pan?

On the morning of “Mutuals Tuesday” Andrew Laird got together with a group of social enterprise experts to cast their thoughts five years into the future and think about the potential state of the public service mutuals market (both dream … Continue reading

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The previous government talked a lot about “investment” when they maybe really meant spending. Most of us probably do this too – we might talk about “investing” in our young people when we pay teacher’s salaries, for example. But there is … Continue reading

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Day 5 Poll: What is the main impact of POPse!?

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Day 5: Social Impact Measurement (Trust & Transparency)

So POPse! enters its final day of the week, with an #sealley hangover, dwindling fairtrade coffee supplies, and still plenty of thinking to do. Today is social impact measurement day, so we’ll be asking the big questions: why don’t we … Continue reading

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POPse! Day 4

POPse! Day 4, a set on Flickr. Some photos from Day 4 at POPse! Community & Big Society discussions…and #sealley drinks

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Talking Community at POPse! video

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Why we need a Collaboration Prize in the UK

It’s been interesting to see how talk about mergers, collaboration and formal partnerships have snowballed in the sector as the economic circumstances have become more straitened. And also increasing compulsion from funders and politicians to make organisations do so. One … Continue reading

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A Right Bloody Shambles?

The social enterprise proposition is founded on an idea that can be captured in one word – sustainability. That long-term economic, social and environmental imperatives can be more effectively achieved if they are aligned in co-operation and mutually reinforcing (or … Continue reading

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