POPse! top recommendations…

  1. The new DH National Commissioning Board should work with the Association of Charitable Foundations and Business in the Community to create effective support (financial and practical) for new and innovative services and delivery paths.
  2. The Waterways Project should work with DEFRA and environmental asset holders to create a coalition to promote access to underutilised environmental assets for social enterprise and community use. The Land Registry should provide open access to data on land ownership – providing transparency on who owns what.
  3. The Department for Communities and Local Government and the Cabinet Office should deliver a robust Right to Challenge/Provide, which is as universal as possible across public services. If the market is to become truly self-sustaining it needs to be driven from the bottom-up with front line staff groups driving the process.
  4. The Office for Civil Society should publish a realistic route map for the creation of the Big Society Bank which includes possibilities (such as consulting on the business plan or directions to the BLF) for social enterprises, intermediaries and citizens to co-design and co-deliver the BSB in line with the Big Society principles of transparency, localism, independence and putting power in people’s hands.
  5. Politicians and others communicating public policy should push for ‘stronger communities’ only if they recognise that a really strong community could be a place that empowers only the local busy-bodies or unelected ‘community leaders’ with a sense of justice that is unchecked.
  6. The Cabinet Office should launch a grassroots efficiency and innovation campaign for frontline public service staff, along the lines of the National Performance Review in the USA.
  7. Social enterprise trade associations, representative organisations and social impact measurement specialists should work together to create sub-sectoral impact measures and understanding of barriers to implementation.  
  8. One or more grant-making trusts or infrastructure bodies should start the UK equivalent of the Collaboration Prize (see www.collaborationprize.org) to provide an incentive and recognition for partnership working in the sector.
  9. Social investors, the Association of Charitable Foundations and the Cabinet Office should ensure that the development of leadership skills is given greater consideration as part of investment decisions in order to deliver greater social change, impact and success.
  10. Very deep, very powerful conversations are very rare. The Cabinet Office, Society Media, the Social Enterprise Coalition and the Third Sector Research Centre should collaborate to create ways to raise the level of critical analysis and debate around social enterprise policy and practice.
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