Day 5: Social Impact Measurement (Trust & Transparency)

So POPse! enters its final day of the week, with an #sealley hangover, dwindling fairtrade coffee supplies, and still plenty of thinking to do.

Today is social impact measurement day, so we’ll be asking the big questions: why don’t we focus on the internal metrics anymore? how many toolkits can one sector produce? is it really better to be vaguely right than precisely wrong?

We’ll also be asking you: What is POPse! worth?

You can join in the #popsechat at 2pm on social impact on Twitter. And you can check out the last 20 social enterprise truths as they are revealed by @popupthinktank… (and we’ll publish the full 100 here as a blog post later).

And towards the end of the day, there will be a top 10 recommendations from the week (before the policy reports are published in the next couple of weeks); the start of the real stuff.

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