All in a name…

Collaboration is a wonderful thing. All week, POPse! has been collaborating: with our wonderful hosts, Meanwhile; with our daily stream of guests; with the epicures in Exmouth Market. We are a collaborative, we have no one leader. We exist therefore we are, and today we will evaluate our impact. We shall ask meaningful questions like: did we do what we set out to? And, what is the spillover effect? And, does beer spillage count as a measure of success? (if so we’re in luck – see photos from the SE Alley massive at our place last night).

In preparing for this collaboration, we overlooked something which has proven to be of interest this week. Rather than just listening to this week’s pearls of wisdom, some people have wanted to attribute our musings. WHO are we (as individuals), it seems, is just as interesting as WHAT are we (saying).

Over a beer – there is a theme developing here – the collaborative thought about it and decided that we had missed a labelling opportunity. It seems that self interest is not anathema to collaboration. In fact, that very point was tabled in our round table on small communities and the Big Society. Seriously.

This is not the beer talking….but there might be a beer in it as a wee prize if you can guess who’s who. Answers on a virtual postcard please @popupthinktank

Minister of Silly Soundbites
Executive Director of Track Changes
Wipes Procurement Officer
Executive Cult Leader
Lock and Key Master
Chief Morale Officer
The Mutualizer
Executive Officer of Unnecessary Print Outs

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